Electronic Assembly

Electronic Assembly

UK Electronics has always been a CEM (Contract Equipment Manufactures) which allows us to focus on our customers’ needs and products. Our customers range from internationally recognised industrial companies to specialised laboratory and medical equipment manufacturers. Each and every one of our customers benefit from our unique blend of skills and knowledge gained over many years of electronics manufacture.

We offer full procurement of stock and stock holding for scheduled orders which allows our customers to focus on their core business.

We have over 30 years’ experience in all types of electronic assembly including Surface Mount, conventional leaded or mixed technology. We aim to provide a high quality low cost product in any quantity you require.

We can offer a rapid turnaround prototyping service. All of our boards are ATE tested and RoHS compliant giving you the knowledge that you are in line with current UK legislation.

We also offer bare board PCB supply in a multitude of finishes, thicknesses and styles such as hot air levelled and immersion gold. We also offer Aluminium clad, flexible circuits and flexi rigid boards to cover all requirements.

Our team of dedicated production staff follow ISO 9001:2015 quality guidelines and work to IPC 610 standards ensuring a high quality product every time.

We have always invested in the very latest production technology to ensure that we remain competitive and to give us an edge over the competition. Our plant equipment currently includes 3 SMT placement machines. Pride of place is our new Samsung ‘Decan’ placer SMT line, 2 multi zone reflow ovens, a CMS400LF wave solder machine and automated screen printers.

Our capabilities are growing. Tell us how we can help you.

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