EDA tools market to see significant growth

A recent report has shown that the electronic design automation (EDA) market is set to experience excellent growth over the coming years thanks to its part in designing components used in electrical devices – such as those we use every day. At UK Electronics, we’re always on the lookout for how the market is changing and shaping so we can better service our customers and fulfil orders, and this is one such example.

There are a range of uses for EDA software, with various industries using the tools to help with their own electronic components and devices. The automotive industry, in particular, is very invested in EDA tools but they can be, and are, used by a range of industries and companies.

Market growth for EDA means that there will be more demand for more intricate and in-depth tools, which can only help improve everything designed and made from their use. Manufacturing locations around the world may influence how the new software and tools are introduced, too, but that allows others to observe their use and results. This can be a blessing in disguise at times but if the new additions prove valuable, it won’t be long before they spread. This is why it can make a big difference to PCB design and one of the reasons we’re watching the situation closely.

What does EDA mean for PCBs?

EDA software plays a big part in the design and production of PCBs. It is a way to ensure that all elements needed on a specific component are there and simulations can help ensure that the unit will function as expected. This means, during the PCB prototyping stage, we can see if the results are as expected and, if not, what needs to be done to fix the issue.

While it is not a replacement for any other tool that may be out there, it is definitely a great addition to any PCB manufacturing service that can greatly speed up the design process. This helps with producing the units in a quicker timeframe, and when mass production is required to satisfy large orders, anything that helps the process run smoothly and provide quality components is greatly appreciated.

Why does this matter?

PCB Assembly in the UK is a competitive market, which is why we invest in our technology, tools, people and processes at UK Electronics. Our PCB prototyping service not only tests designs given to us by our clients but also us to test new designs, materials and layouts ourselves. With only a finite amount of space to utilise, and technology getting smaller and more powerful with each update, it is becoming trickier to meet the increasing demands.

Significant breakthroughs come in all shapes and sizes, and whether it’s a tool that allows for more reliable and intelligent data or a revolutionary new design, you can be sure our experts will put this knowledge to use on your design to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your PCBs.
To find out more about PCBs and how we can help with your needs, get in touch with the team at UK Electronics now.

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