UK Electronics offers ventilator production assistance

UK Electronics have reached out to the UK Government via official notification channels to offer their aid in the production of ventilator equipment.

During this time of national and global crisis, it is our duty to offer our skills and experience to assist in the efforts being made to tackle this devastating pandemic. As British industry bands together with the unified task of substantially increasing production of ventilators for the challenges ahead we would simply like to say that we are here to help.

At UK Electronics we have equipment and specialist engineers in place that regularly provide contract assembly for a number of complex assemblies for high profile customers. As a contract mechanical and electronic assembly house we already provide design and build solutions to various industries from industrial to commercial to medical to military compliant customers and we also have full medical accreditation.

Our dedicated specialist workforce is ready to assist with circuit board assembly, final ventilator assembly if we are supplied with kits, bill of materials or managing specific supplier details should they be required. Our facility is well equipped to offer urgent assistance, through the means of Surface Mount Technology, Through Hole Assembly Technology for PCB’s and testing and inspection equipment.

Although we have offered aid, we are still awaiting a response from the Government. All preparations are being made to ensure we are ready to be responsive should we be called upon.

We extend our thoughts to all our customers and suppliers throughout this testing time.

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