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30 Years

30 Years Experience in the Electronics Industry

With over 30 years' experience in the industry, UK Electronics provides a high quality, cost-effective service to customers who choose to outsource their electronic design, manufacture and test requirements.

Established 1983
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Electronic Assembly

UK:E specialises in the manufacture of high-technology boards that demand the highest levels of quality and reliability. We can offer a wide range of PCB batch sizes from rapid prototypes; one offs through to full contract volumes at reasonable cost. Whether you require SMT Assembly, plated through hole assembly or a combination of both, we can offer you a competitive and total PCB assembly solution. In addition to PCB assembly, we can offer a range of full box build services.

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Electronic Design

UK:E has been providing specialist design services to the electronics industry for the last 30 years. Our wealth of knowledge and experience makes us the ideal choice for electronic product development. We can offer our customers a complete electronic solution, from refining a concept and defining the whole project, to production of the final solution. Our electronic design process is clearly focussed on design for manufacture.

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EMC Testing

UK:E offers a low cost, fast and efficient way to CE mark your products. With the help of an experienced engineer, we will provide you with on the spot advice and solutions, to help you to achieve and maintain compliance. We always maintain a close working relationship with our customers thus allowing us to efficiently deal with their EMC issues. We also offer pre-compliance testing as a way of ironing out potential problems before the required full compliance testing is undertaken.

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Mechanical Assembly

UK:E has significant experience in the assembly of complete system builds. We can: place your printed circuit boards into final product assemblies, provide fully wired assemblies i.e. cabinets, backplanes and racks, etc, carry out conformal coating either sprayed or dipped and offer repair and rework services for product upgrade.

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PCB Design

UK:E has over 30 years’ experience in circuit design and prototype PCB CAD layout. We have undertaken most CAD layout technology requirements such as surface mount, single, double sided and multi-layer technology. We can also offer other electrical aspects of new product development, including system wiring diagrams and cable assembly drawings.

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PCB Prototyping

UK:E offers its customers a dedicated PCB prototyping facility. We offer a fast turnaround service utilising both hand and machine build which mirrors the production build mechanics. Combining this build experience with a firm understanding of the production process, we are able to share the lessons learned in prototyping with your engineering teams enabling us to provide an extremely smooth and efficient transfer into full production.

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