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UK Electronics have been proudly offering a vast amount of services in the electronics industry for over 30 years and in recent years we have focused heavily on investment. Improving our cable and harnessing department with the latest upgrades in crimping and plus tooling technology has given us the ability to provide our customers with even more product options.

When designing a new product, engineers focus mainly on functionality, features, styling and cost. What they don’t always think about is the wiring. Unfortunately, it is usually forgotten about until the last minute resulting in a final product that doesn’t have the high quality it deserves.

We at UK Electronics strive to provide our customers with the best product from start to finish regardless of what type of product is being assembled, our specialists will ensure that wiring harnesses are routed correctly and our high standards are adhered to.

Recently engineers are trying to do more in tighter bundles with different types of wiring, such as combining high speed with power, all in one raceway or cable. The result of this is more complexity, as the need is greater to protect each type from its neighbour’s electromagnetic or radio frequency interference, let alone the outside influence of the environment.
Using a motor vehicle for example, there are many more computers and electronic control units used in them today than just a few years ago, these engine control units (ECU) are used to control the transmission, and the operation of windows, doors and other devices. The electronics industry is fast paced and with ever advancing technology the race to be at the forefront is competitive, the technology we have invested in has enabled us to not just keep up in that race, but to be at the front of it.

With the recent addition of improved 3D mechanical design software to the industry, it has become much easier, faster and cost-effective to create a virtual prototype by routing harnesses within a CAD model of the product that is being designed, especially if the software’s routing functionality is used.

We at UK Electronics use both the manual method and semiautomatic bench top stripping and crimping machines as some things just require that human element, these machines do improve upon the old method and are a staple of every harness assembly department. They’re great for high-mix, low-volume wire processing applications. Providing adequate “free space” for the bundles; providing adequate protection of the cables during routing, such as lining cut-outs and having appropriate glands or feed troughs; protecting against chaffing; and providing adequate clamping or fixture support.

With all these factors in mind UK Electronics has all the measures in place to ensure our production and assembly of said products is exactly what our customers specifically request, and more importantly that they are produced and assembled in the best way possible. For more information about our cable assembly service please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat about your needs.

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