Chinese New Year Holidays Reminder

Just another reminder of the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, as mentioned previously the factories will be closing their doors on Friday 9th February, and will re-open on Monday 26th February. During this period we will still be able to quote upon your requirements, and accept orders, (which we will load on the factories, as they operate a first come, first served basis upon their return to work).

Currently it is looking like the last day to place URGENT orders for QUICK TURNAROUND will be Friday 2nd February. For larger orders we recommend no later than 19th January, to ensure these orders can be completed and shipped out before the factories close, basically the sooner the better, as we are already being warned of the factories reaching full capacity, and the lead times are beginning to lengthen already.

If you have any questions regarding any pcb requirements please do not hesitate to contact UKE on 0161 626 4117.

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