Why computer aided design software is so important for PCBs

In our mission to be the best option for PCBs at UK Electronics, we’re always looking at new tools and technology that can make the process easier but also produce better results for our customers. The first stage of any order is PCB design, and this area has come a long way in recent years – not only in the actual designs created but also how they are made.

Whether its single or multi-layered PCBs, we are able to work to complex specifications to create designs that meet the needs of the equipment and technology the units are created for. Thanks to our PCB prototyping stage, we can test that the design works as intended before mass production is started.

The quality of each stage, and the final components, is why we’re one of the most popular choices for PCB assembly in the UK. We’re always looking out for new ways to improve, and with computer aided design software constantly being developed and upgraded, it is an area we watch closely. This can have a big impact on the results seen on every order.

What the software does

Computer aided design software, also known as CAD or ECAD, allows intricate PCB design to be completed in detail. Layouts can be created, components added or removed, details logged and more without starting over from scratch each time a design is revised – which is one of the biggest advantages to electronic design over paper.

Designs can be saved for future orders or projects, as well as altered to act as a base when modifications need to be made – whether as a result of feedback from testing or on a new project requiring similar components.

New versions of the software, such as DesignSpark PCB Pro, can make the process even quicker and more efficient, allowing new customisation options and imports from other 3D models. Virtual tests can also be conducted to get initial results of how a design will work, making it a very useful tool for PCB design and manufacturing.

How this affects what we do

When a new tool or piece of software is released, our team of experts monitor the situation to determine whether it’s something that we can use or if it won’t make a difference to our efforts and results. These decisions are crucial to being the best option for PCBs and when we opt to make a change, we want to be confident that it’s the right course.

New ECAD software can improve the efficiency of our PCB design stage and team, which helps complete orders for customers in a smaller amount of time. The improved options and detailing we can use allow us to create more intricate components that better suit the end needs of our customers while also keeping our experts up-to-date on all the latest changes in the industry.

To find out more about our PCB design service, and how it can help you, get in touch with the team at UK Electronics today.

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